Manufacturing in Massachusetts by the Numbers.

  • $53.26B: Total output from manufacturing in Massachusetts.
  • $103,826: Average compensation for manufacturing employees.
  • $243,000: Average number of manufacturing jobs in Massachusetts.
  • $50,000: Median wage for manufacturing employees.
  • $ 4.6%: Increase in Chemical Manufacturing jobs (SOC 32-5000) by 2028 (17,383)

Making a Better World

Manufacturing provides vital jobs in our towns and cities.

Manufacturing also addresses humanity's critical future challenges.

  •      The Environment
  •      Health
  •      Food
  •      Health
  •      Space


Governor Baker Speaks to the Importance of the Manufacturing Industry

Governor Charlie Baker has called advanced manufacturing a key industry of the Commonwealth’s innovation economy. It provides for 243,500 jobs in Massachusetts with a median wage of over $50,000 per year. 

Manufacturing the Future

  • We need the next generation of manufacturing to be built by bold, innovative freethinkers that can design products, advance technologies and streamline supply chains to distribute items on a global scale. 
  • We need you to consider using your skills and talent to make a better future. We need you to “Make It In Massachusetts.”

Let the games begin! Welcome to the TIC TAC TOE Game of Manufacturing... Explore three areas that interest you!

Secretary of Education, James Peyser,

Secretary of Education, James Peyser oversees early education, K-12, and higher education including the University of Massachusetts system. As a key member of the Governor's Workforce Skills Cabinet, Secretary Peyser is a strong voice championing the development of manufacturing pathways to better equip students for tomorrow’s careers.

With the accelerated technological advancements in manufacturing, students from around the commonwealth are being inspired to consider the vast career opportunities in today's advanced manufacturing industries.

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